Facial & Massage Printable Manual

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Have your own salon?  Add your logo and impress your staff with custom manuals.  Make hiring new staff easy by offering this professional training manual.  This course comes ready to edit or print in Canva.



Classic Facial & Massage
Skin FAQ
How can I take care of my skin?
Skin Analysis
Identifying Different Skin Types
Common Skin Concerns
Skin Texture and Elasticity
Factors Affecting Skin Analysis Results
Skin Analysis Step-by-Step
Customizing Skincare
The Three Layers of Skin
Skin Anatomy & Aging
Intrinsic Aging
Extrinsic Aging
Skin Aging Overview
Skin Changes That Come With Age
Facial Muscles & Ageing
Fitzpatrick Scale
Benefits of knowing your Fitzpatrick
Understanding Acne
Fast facts on Acne
What is acne?
What causes acne?
Why does acne eventually clear up?
Why is acne worse in some people?
The 6 Types of Acne
What Is Rosacea?
What Causes It?
Facial Step by Step
Step 2: Pre-Cleanse
Step 3: Cleanse and Tone
Step 4: Skin Analysis
Step 5: Exfoliate
Step 6: Extraction
Step 7: Massage
Facial Massage Techniques
Lymphatic Massage
Ayurveda Marma Points
Breakdown of each facial massage step for Rejuvenation
Step 8: Mask
Step 9: Protect
Step 10: Completion
Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Options
Facial Forms & Documents




6 x Price List Designs
2 x Client Intake Form Designs
Medical History
Photo/Video Release
Appointment Cancellation Policy
Skin Consultation Form
Skin Analysis Form
Client Treatment Notes
4 x Survey Form Designs
Time Sheets
Cleaning checklist



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