Premium BioSculpt Salon LED Facial

The Premium BioSculpt Salon LED Facial offers the latest technology.  This LED Facial device is ideal for any salon as a stand alone or add on treatment.


The treatment

The client can receive a facial prior to the treatment and serum and or lotion is applied (depending on their skin type) then the client relaxes under the LED facial machine for 20-30 minutes.  The facial can be as basic as a quick cleanse and moisturise or a full facial which could include an ultrasonic treatment.  You would of course charge accordingly.


How much should be charged?

It is recommended you charge around $50 for a 20-minute session or more with a basic cleanse and moisturise.  If you were providing a full facial you could charge around $95 or more depending on the length and inclusions of the treatment.  Generally LED treatments are sold in blocks of 10 with a discount to $450.  Depending on your demographic you may be able to charge more but this is a base price.


The advantage of this Premium device:

  • Pain free and efficient
  • Medical grade LED globes
  • Quality build
  • Designed to service back to back clients
  • 24 month warranty
  • FDA approved



Light Source LED medical grade
LED Wave Lengths Red: 640 +/- 2 nm

Blue: 423 +/- 2 nm

Yellow: 423 +/- 2 nm

Light Output Continuous
Power Output 120 mw
Working Life >= 5000 Hours
Frequency 1 – 30 Hz
Voltage 110V/220V
Size 92 cm x 44 cm x 146 cm


Access to online training and information available

LED photo therapy


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