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When you have completed your order and payment, you will receive your login credentials, a URL, and an access code or password.  This will be sent to you via email and is also accessible from your account.  The password is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it appears (example ABC-123).  Ensure that you include dashes or special characters and that there is no space before or after the password.

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When you have completed your order and payment, you will receive a URL to the Canva template.  This will be sent to you via email and is also accessible from your account.  You will need a free Canva account to open the template.


Thank you for shopping at Your Beauty Courses. Please read this policy carefully. This is the Cancellation and Refund Policy of Your Beauty Courses Digital Services and

Digital Products.  Your Beauty Courses honours refund request for non-tangible (digital) products under the following exceptional circumstances:

  • “Non-delivery” of the electronic product – download issues due to Your Beauty Courses server problems, issues originated from Your Beauty Courses e-mail service provider. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted within 7 days from the date of the purchase. A digital product is considered received and downloaded if no claim was submitted. For such requests, Your Beauty Courses issues refunds within 7 days from the date of the purchase.
  • Digital Product “not as described” – such issues have to be reported within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Detailed, clear evidence must be provided with proof that the purchased and delivered digital product is “not as it is described” on Your Beauty Courses’ website. All objections based purely on the customer’s false anticipations or desires do not meet the requirements for refunds.
  • Major or Critical Defects – Your Beauty Courses tests every single digital product before release. However, unforeseen defects can surface from time to time. Claims for such errors must be submitted within 7 days from the date of the purchase. Your Beauty Courses reserves the right to correct such errors within 7 business days. If no remedy is supplied, then the customer is entitled to receive a full refund on the purchase within 3 business days.
  • **NOTE** Failure for the purchaser to understand how to use third-party products required to personalise digital products is not considered a fault or a product not as described.

Returns and Refunds Policy for Digital Products:

At Your Beauty Courses, we pride ourselves on providing instant digital delivery to enhance your learning experience. As a result, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accept returns for digital products. However, we understand that errors can occur, and we are committed to assisting you with your intended purchase.

Incorrect Product Purchase: If you have accidentally purchased the wrong product, kindly reach out to our support team promptly. We will make every effort to understand your needs and guide you toward the correct course or product that aligns with your requirements.

Refunds for Inability or Unwillingness to Use Required Programs: It’s essential to note that our digital products, particularly those utilizing platforms like Canva, may require specific free programs for optimal use. Refunds will not be granted on the basis of inability or unwillingness to use these required programs.

We transparently communicate the system requirements, including the need for free programs like Canva, in our product listings. This information is crucial for a seamless experience, and customers are encouraged to review these details before making a purchase.

Our Commitment to Customer Assistance: Your satisfaction is our priority. If you encounter challenges or have concerns about using the required programs, our support team is here to help. Reach out to us, and we will provide guidance, resources, and assistance to ensure you can maximize the benefits of your digital purchase.

Contact Us: For any inquiries, product assistance, or if you believe you have purchased the wrong product, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are dedicated to making your learning journey enjoyable and successful.

Thank you for choosing Your Beauty Courses. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting you in achieving your beauty mastery goals! 🌟💖

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Intellectual Property and Usage Terms:

We value and respect the intellectual property within our courses, and we want to ensure a fair and respectful use of the material provided. Please take note of the following terms:

Restrictions on Publication, Duplication, and Redistribution: The content within this course is not authorized for publication, duplication, or redistribution. The information, insights, and creative elements are curated for the exclusive use of enrolled individuals.

Reserved Copyright: The copyright for all materials within this course is explicitly reserved by the creator. This includes, but is not limited to, videos, diagrams, sounds, or text. No part of the course content may be reproduced or utilized in any other form without the explicit agreement of the author.

Prohibited Uses: Any form of duplication or utilization of course materials, whether in digital or printed publications, or any other format, is strictly prohibited without obtaining prior explicit consent from the author. This prohibition extends to any derivative works or adaptations of the course content.

Exceptions and Author’s Agreement: Exceptions to these usage terms can only be granted through the author’s explicit agreement. If there is a specific need or request for the use of course material, including elements such as videos, diagrams, sounds, or text, it is imperative to seek permission from the author.

Enforcement of Terms: Any unauthorized use or violation of these terms will be subject to legal action to protect the intellectual property rights of the creator. We encourage a respectful and ethical approach to the use of course materials and appreciate your understanding of these terms.

Contact Information: For inquiries related to the usage of course materials or to seek permission for specific uses, please contact the author directly. Your compliance with these terms ensures the integrity and continued availability of valuable educational content.

We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the integrity of intellectual property and fostering a conducive learning environment for all enrolled individuals. Thank you for respecting these terms.

Use of Course Material
Whilst every effort is made to ensure correctness, Your Beauty Courses is not responsible for the accuracy, suitability or validity of the course material being offered. The individual purchasing the course is responsible to ensure he or she researches and follows any suggested and mandatory safety guidelines required either by law, regulation, legislation, through best practice recommendations or common sense, and does not rely on the course material for such guidance. The author will not be responsible for any health and safety issues and / or injuries or any consequences of whatsoever nature arising from conducting the course.

The contents of the course are provided for personal interest only and are not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If an individual has any questions relating to a medical issue, they should always seek the counsel of qualified physician or another experienced health care practitioner.

Intended Purpose
Unless stated in the product description, this course is for informational purposes only and does not imply a qualification. This course is not formally recognised and is not designed or intended to be used in place of an accredited training course. The purpose of this course is to give an overview of the treatment and to assist in deciding whether offering this service suitable to individual needs.
Any certificates provided with this course is for personal aesthetic use only and offer no implication of understanding, competence, completion or accreditation.
This course is designed to give general knowledge only and is not designed to be used in place of an accredited training course. Individuals are responsible for ensuring they have all accreditation required by the relevant government body or authority before offering any treatment.

It is strongly advised that every reader of the course material, including, but not limited to, physicians, nurses, aestheticians, medical aestheticians, cosmetologists, tooth gem technicians, and tattoo artists, familiarise themselves with their local legislation and/or governing boards. These courses are not designed for performing procedures as a professional.

It is solely the individual practitioner’s obligation and responsibility to examine and clarify all rules and regulations relevant to their country, state, territory, city, and county and to consult any local health agency, governing bodies, FDA/TGA (or other relevant body) in relation to regulations and requirements for providing any treatment or service associated with this course.

Prewritten content is provided as a sample and prepared as a guide for you to add your own information, clauses, and conditions. It is intended that you review and modify the content to fit your business. Any content does not constitute legal advice for your business, and it is recommended that you review your final documents with your legal counsel. This content is provided without any warranties or representatives as to its suitability to your business purpose. We disclaim all liability or responsibility for any alleged losses, injuries, or damages resulting from a user’s decision to make use of this template or any variation thereof.

Limitation of liability
The purchaser indemnifies Your Beauty Courses against any liability which may arise from performing any of the processes outlined in this course.
Your Beauty Courses is not responsible for any liability that may arise as a result of, including but not limited to, procedural operation, licensing, regulations, or litigation.
Your Beauty Courses accepts no liability arising from personal injury how so ever caused as a result of providing the services outlined in this course either to themselves or another person either professionally or without charge.